Yes Workforce (formerly Yes Europa) is based in Lancashire, and is a software specialist company that produces solutions to increase work productivity.

It helps companies with offsite tradesmen, operators, engineers, and service personnel improve their performance and profitability by replacing their paper-based management systems with reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate mobile communication systems and equipment. Among these solutions are vehicle tracking tools.

In a Nutshell

Yes Workforce specialises in improving mobile workforce by providing high quality, efficient tools. Its vehicle tracking system utilises GPs technology in order to give real-time location updates as well as provide all the information required for drivers’ logs.

It aims to make life easier for drivers and transport managers alike by automating reports and eliminating paperwork. The system is designed to meet the needs of businesses in industries such as air conditioning, security, delivery, waste management, building/construction, vehicle recovery, fire protection and removals.

What’s Offered?

Yes Workforce Vehicle Tracking System

This product is especially designed to maximise the productivity of employees and businesses. It contains features such as a dashboard that shows vehicle usage, distance driven, and site visits.

It offers a large map view showing vehicle location, status, speed and direction travelled. It can record and store information that will allow fleet managers to generate performance and cost analyses.

Pricing Structure

  • Installation Fee: £60
  • Monthly Rate: £7.99


Yes Workforce has a dedicated team of developers who are constantly coming up with new tools to help businesses improve their efficiency and productivity. Their vehicle tracking system is just one of these tools. All their systems have a web-based back office system to allow easy access to data.

They’re designed to suit businesses of all types and sizes, and are priced as such. The systems are designed to integrate easily into existing CRM systems. Yes Workforce offers a 15-day free trial for prospective customers to try out its vehicle and workforce tracking solutions. Its UK-based customer support team can be contacted by phone or email.

Disclaimer: All the prices and data quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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