Transpoco is a leading tracking company established in Ireland in 2004. To provide high quality fleet management solutions, it has partnered with O2, Vodafone, and Google. The company has offices in France and the UK and counts Bic and Ladbrokes among its clients.

In a Nutshell

Transpoco utilises GPS technology to provide a host of solutions for fleet managers. Every solution offered by Transpoco uses Google Maps for real-time location updates and has a nearest vehicle calculator that allows transport managers to choose which vehicle to dispatch for a job, gives information on mileage, driving history, live reports on and a full history of vehicle temperature, and PTO (power take-off) recording to monitor when auxiliary equipment has been dropped off.

What’s Offered?

1. Basic GPS tracking system

This tracking system allows real-time tracking and gives updates on mileage, temperature and PTO. Users can also generate a range of reports from the software, as well as get full driving and location histories. The system updates users every 60-90 seconds. The basic package allows data storage for up to one year.

2. Standard GPS tracking system

This tracking solution includes all the features of the basic tracking system. In addition, it can send SMS and email alerts for exceptions, such as speeding. It also allows fuel card integration to give fleet managers a clear picture of their fuel spending. It has an update frequency of 30-60 seconds and can retain data for 7 years.

3. Premium GPS tracking system

This solution has all the features of the standard tracking system. The main difference is that there is no time limit to data retention—all the recorded data for the vehicle will be stored for as long as possible.

Pricing Structure

Tracking SystemMonthly Rate


Transpoco’s vehicle tracking systems are known for their accuracy and useful features. The company offers them to customers without requiring them to tie themselves into lengthy contracts. The tiered pricing system also allows even small businesses to afford their own vehicle tracking systems. The systems can be viewed either online or via a smartphone. The company offers free demonstrations of its products and customers can contact its UK-based office to find out more about the systems.

Disclaimer: All the prices and data quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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