SmarTrack is a British company, established in 2006 and based in Coalville in Leicestershire. They are part of a small group of companies that include Global Telemetrics, which is the monitoring platform for vehicle fitted with SmarTrack devices.

They are primarily known for their stolen vehicle recovery systems, and have devices designed for use with off road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, plant machinery, marine, motorcycles, and cars. Their fleet management systems use GPS trackers that are designed and built in the UK. As of January 2013 they had installed more than 97,000 systems.

What’s Offered?

SmarTrack provides two fleet management systems – one is self-tracked and the other is monitored by the Global Telemetrics secure control centre (SmarTrack were the first company in the industry to offer a 24/7 manned control centre).

Their systems are feature rich and allow for multiple logins. Users may also benefit from insurance discounts with Fleet Trident TQA 104.

SmarTrack Fleet

Since SmarTrack is primarily a stolen vehicle recovery company, their fleet management system, SmarTrack Fleet, has an annual subscription fee for monitoring of your vehicles via the Global Telemetrics secure control centre. In the case of a theft of one of your vehicles, control centre staff take over tracking your vehicle, and will arrange recovery and liaise with the police. Moreover, if a battery has disconnected or your vehicle is being towed, they will call to check the vehicle is safe. This type of service is unusual in the fleet management services market.

Features of SmarTrack’s fleet management system includes street mapping via Google Maps and the option to create multiple geofenced areas. Reports or email alerts can be generated whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a designated geofenced area. A number of other reports and alerts may be created, covering things ranging from individual journeys to speeding alerts.

There are several features that are available for an additional fee. These are vehicle alarm alerts, alerts for battery disconnect or a low level of battery and a movement sensor alert.

There is a Global Telemetrics App available for Apple and Android devices.

SmarTrack uTrack

This option is a self-tracking service. You will benefit from all of the features within the SmarTrack Fleet package, however your vehicles will not be monitored at the Global Telemetrics secure control centre.

Pricing Structure

OptionUnit PriceYearly Subscription
SmarTrack Fleet£379£94 plus VAT (£157.45 inc. VAT)
SmartTrack uTrack£379N/A

SmarTrack Review

SmarTrack is a UK based company, mostly known for their stolen vehicle recovery solutions. The biggest selling point of their SmarTrack Fleet service is the integration with their stolen vehicle recovery centre, which could also help to lower insurance premiums, should theft be a major concern where you operate.  Their uTrack fleet option for fleets offers standard vehicle tracking features and comes with a fairly low annual subscription charge of just £82 plus VAT.

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