Having been established in 2009, Satmo is a newbie compared to other companies in the vehicle tracking industry, but it has built up a considerable reputation as a company that offers a high-quality vehicle tracking solution. Satmo works with Microsoft, Java, Amazon and Vodafone to come up with effective solutions for transport managers.

In a Nutshell

Satmo uses GPS technology for its tracking system which comes in three packages, depending on the user’s requirements. One unique feature of the Satmo tracking system is the frequency of its data transmission—varying from 5 to 30 seconds—compared to most of its competitors’ 60-second transmissions, allowing for more accurate real-time tracking of vehicles.

What’s Offered?

1. Lite Package

This entry-level tracking solution allows users to easily access the data they need regarding their fleet. This package transmits vehicle positional updates every 30 seconds and includes standard features such as advanced live mapping, MOT alerts, proof of delivery (POD), Driver ID, and an engine start immobiliser (to stop unauthorised people from driving the vehicle).

2. Plus Package

This solution contains all the features of the Lite package, along with add-ons as geo-fencing alerts, idling reports and out of hours activity. It can also transmit data every 30 seconds.

3. Premium Package

This is a more involved system that allows users to access all manner of reports, giving them total visibility of their fleet. It includes all of the features of  the Lite and Plus packages, plus additional functions such as a driver behaviour monitor. It can transmit vehicle positional updates every 5 seconds.

Pricing Structure

Satmo offers a range of payment options for its tracking system. The prices for the lite package are as follows:

OptionCostContract Length
Outright£3953 years
5-Year Lease£13.99/month5 years
3-Year Lease£15.99/month3 years
Short-Term Lease£16.99/month9 months
Pay as You Go£18.99/monthNo contract

All prices listed above exclude VAT. Customers can arrange their own fitting or have Satmo fit the system for £50. Lease and short-term contracts require a deposit of three months before installation.


Satmo’s vehicle tracking system was designed to meet the needs of any type and size of business. It’s affordable even for small businesses and is flexible enough so that transport managers can choose a package that befits their requirements. Satmo has a UK-based team that looks after its customers and can be contacted either by phone or email.

Disclaimer: All the prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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