RAM was founded in 2004 by Chris McClellan, the CEO, with partners who have over 35 years of collective experience in the vehicle tracking systems industry.

It is one of the best-known vehicle tracking companies in the UK,  has won a National Business Award and is recognised by the Institute of Business Ethics. The company currently has more than 3,300 customers.

In a Nutshell

RAM offers a cloud-based GPS vehicle tracking system, which can be accessed anywhere in the world from a PC, laptop or smartphone (through a free downloadable app). The system offers guaranteed data protection and storage for a minimum of 3 years. Its versatility means that it can be adapted to different types of vehicle tracking requirements, from fleet management to van tracking.

What’s Offered?

1. Fleet Tracking

This service gives full visibility of the entire fleet, regardless of its size, providing the transport manager with live updates on the location of every vehicle in the fleet. It also allows the manager to monitor fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, among other things.

2. Van Tracking

Aside from providing real-time tracking for van managers, RAM’s van tracker generates automated timesheets and accurate costing for individual jobs.

3. Truck and Lorry Tracking

RAM’s truck and lorry tracking system helps transport mangers optimise the level of control over business costs by providing a range of financial reporting functions. Managers can also calculate the entire cost of each job by viewing the visual breakdown of time travelled, cost of labour, fuel and mileage. The system also makes it possible to view other cost factors such as CO2 emissions and idling time.

Every RAM vehicle tracking system comes with 13 types of history reports, a route replay tool, a timeline function that lets users see all the activities of every vehicle in their fleet, as well as an interactive graphic reporting tool with a written and visual interpretation of the vehicles’ activities.

Pricing Structure

RAM offers its tracking solution as a customised service in order to meet every client’s requirements, hence interested parties are encouraged to contact its representatives either by phone or e-mail to get an accurate quote.


RAM is known for its award-winning UK-based customer service, giving free dedicated training to users along with on-demand webinars. Its cloud-based tracking system is capable of storing a large amount of historic data and is covered by extensive warranty. The company doesn’t charge upfront fees and its system doesn’t come with hidden charges. It also provides free software updates on a regular basis.

Disclaimer: All the prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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