The Royal Automobile Club, more popularly known as the RAC, is pretty much a British institution, having been established in 1897.  In 1912, the company introduced roadside emergency telephone boxes and revolutionised emergency breakdown services in the UK. The RAC has passed through a few owners but is now currently owned by the Carlyle Group.

At present, RAC has over 7 million members and approximately 4,000 dedicated staff operating from their four bases throughout the UK.

In a Nutshell

RAC Telematics offers a comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking solution designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its tracking system can provide real-time updates on the location and speed of a vehicle by connecting through GSM technology.

What’s Offered?

The RAC’s vehicle tracking solution allows businesses to keep track of their vehicles and drivers in real time. The system consists of a small device which is installed by RAC engineers in the vehicle to be tracked. The device sends out information every minute through a GSM network that can be accessed through a secure, web-based portal either online or via a smart phone.

Users can set up the tracking system to give information on location, monitor driver behaviour, set up points of interest, set up scheduled reports and present management information. They can also set up automated alerts, set up favourite journeys and get traffic information before setting off. They can also get MOT, tax and maintenance reminders from their system.

Pricing Structure

The RAC offers its tracking solution on either a 3-year or a 5-year plan:

Subscription Planu00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0u00a0Monthly Cost per VehicleInstallation Fee
3 years£12£35
5 years£10£35


The RAC’s vehicle tracking system is a welcome addition to the company’s range of business products. Its system is designed to enable businesses to manage their fleet  effectively and make significant savings on fuel and overtime pay in the long run. The RAC has made a special effort to keep its tracking system affordable in order to cater to SMEs. Purchasing the tracking system also entitles customers to membership in the RAC Business Club, a service that lets businesses to manage and delegate their processes in a single place and even allows them to book MOTs, servicing and other vehicle-related services through the RAC network. The company also offers round-the-clock technical support to its customers.Summary

Disclaimer: All the prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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