If you manage a fleet of vehicles and are looking to reduce costs, then you might want to take a look at Quartix; a rapidly expanding company with a growing reputation supplying vehicle tracking systems at very affordable rates.

Founded in 2001 in Powys, Wales by just four enterprising individuals, Quartix now employs 37 people and currently has around 6,000 companies using its tracking systems in over 150,000 vehicles. There are currently over 200 recognised installers of Quartix systems in the UK.

In A Nutshell…

The Quartix system is designed to make more extensive use of the tools and resources available via the internet and utilises mapping systems, location databases, communications technology and Internet Service providers with ease-of-use for customers the main priority coming via simple e-mail programmes and standard web browsers.
Basically, as the company says, “if you have internet access, you have everything you need” and doesn’t require dedicated machinery or software installation and doesn’t involve any changes to the user’s current Internet set-up.

And it can all be simply arranged online.

Companies Using The Quartix System

Building and construction – groundwork, painting and decorating, plumbing, electrical services bricklaying, flooring, plastering, roofing, cladding, air conditioning.

Specialised site and field services – sign installation/ maintenance, shopfitting, pest control, merchandising, machine tools, double glazing, cleaning, environmental services.

Transportation – covering the full range of transportation services, including haulage, courier and despatch work, taxis and specialised services such as the transportation of fine art and valuables.

Security – including CCT installation companies, patrol car monitoring, staff transportation, monitoring of expensive plant and machinery, locksmiths.

Product distribution – including raw materials, food, poultry, packaging, hardware, electrical goods, jewellery, component distribution.

Quartix Packages


Provides full real-time information on your fleet from any PC connected to the Internet, using Google’s advanced mapping, satellite and hybrid views. No special software is required, just a web browser. Ideal for fleets of up to 20 vehicles.

Features: Live Internet tracking for multiple users; Daily / weekly reports & timesheets; System configuration control; 2 minute updates using GPS and GPRS; Vehicle route “replay” facility; Real-time tracking from any PC.


Rental TermInstallSetupMonthly CostTotal Cost over TermCost per Month over Term
3 months£65.00FREE£19.50£123.50£41.17
12 monthsFREEFREE£19.50£234.00£19.50
36 monthsFREE£20.00£13.40£502.40£13.96
60 monthsFREE£20.00£11.90£734.00£12.23
Buy Outright£175.00-£10.90£829.00£13.82

*Buying outright price per month is based on 60 months

You can buy this system outright for £175 (per vehicle) with a monthly fee of £10.90, although as you can see from the table above, you would need to run the device for over 5 years before you see a ROI better than long term rental.


Provides daily vehicle reports in HTML or Excel as well as all the real-time features of InfoPoint, with Google’s advanced mapping, satellite and hybrid views. For management of payroll and overtime, as well as tracking vehicle movements.

Features: All InfoPoint features + 1 minute updates, using GPS and GPRS; Tailored daily and weekly management reports; real-time geofencing alerts; speeding and driver behaviour; fleet management organiser


Rental TermInstallSetupmonthly costtotal cost over termcost per month
3 months£65FREE£22.90£133.70£44.57
12 monthsFREEFREE£22.90£274.80£22.90
36 monthsFREE£20.00£16.20£603.20£16.76
60 monthsFREE£20.00£13.50£830.00£13.83
Buy Outright£195.00-£10.90£849.00£14.15

*Buying outright price per month is based on 60 months

The Corporate

Product provides a range of concise management reports to help you improve the efficiency of your fleet. Reports and KPI displays can be tailored to suit your business needs. Suitable for multi-site operations.

Features: All InfoPoint & InfoPlus features + Fleet utilisation and capacity reports ; Management KPI “dashboards”; Itinerary management facility; Route planning and optimisation tools; Google Maps.


Rental TermInstallSetupmonthly costtotal cost over termcost per month
3 months£65.00FREE£25.50£141.50£47.17
12 monthsFREEFREE£25.50£306.00£25.50
36 monthsFREE£20.00£19.90£736.40£20.46
60 monthsFREE£20.00£16.80£1028.00£17.13
Buy Outright£225.00-£10.90£879.00£14.65

*Buying outright price per month is based on 60 months

In this case, the purchase option becomes cheaper than renting after only 24 months – so if you need this functionality it’s probably better to purchase it outright.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

Nigel has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and loves tech and all kinds of electronics. A keen cyclist and cycle-tourist, he has cycled through 25 countries worldwide.

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