Phantom was set up in 2002 to provide tracking systems for owners of caravans, motor homes and cars. Since then, the company has expanded its products with a complete range of accessories and solutions, which has made it quite a popular choice among individuals and businesses in the UK. The company is currently used by over 20,000 customers on £500 million worth of assets. Its systems have helped recover more than £10 million worth of stolen vehicles.

In a Nutshell

Phantom has developed a GPS tracking system to enable users to track their vehicles in real time and quickly recover them if they get stolen. It has two main types of tracking systems—one for personal vehicles, and the other for business vehicles. Both systems are Thatcham-certified, which means that vehicle owners who use them will benefit from lower insurance premiums.


Phantom Insight

Insight is Phantom’s GPS tracking solution designed for businesses. It consists of a small tracking unit which is fitted in a concealed location in the vehicle. The unit will continuously transmit information on the speed, location and distance travelled by the vehicle. This information can be viewed through a web-based portal which can be accessed through a computer, smart phone or tablet.

Insight is a bespoke service, allowing users to customise reports, choose from a wide range of tracking options which include geo-fencing, and integrate the system into other software systems that users may already have, such as CRM and HR systems.

Insight can be used for single vehicles and fleets. Many food van businesses find this system very useful as well.

Pricing Structure

Phantom Insight comes as a bespoke service, hence, prices vary from one customer to another. Phantom, however, offers a flat monthly rate to its business customers, no matter which GPS tracking solution package they decide on. The company encourages interested parties to get in touch with its sales team by phone to see which tracking solution their businesses will benefit from the most.


Phantom has built up a good reputation in the vehicle tracking industry with its reliable products. Customers have reported reduced fuel costs and greater efficiency as a result of having Phantom Insight fitted into their vehicles. Phantom has a 24-hour call centre which monitors the systems and are ready to spring to action in case of emergencies, such as if a vehicle gets stolen. The company also has a nationwide network of accredited installers who will fit the tracking devices into vehicles anywhere in the country at short notice.

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