Northgate was a light commercial vehicle rental business founded by Alan Noble in 1981, and later acquired by Goode Durrant plc in 1987.

It acquired fleet management company Fleet Technique Ltd in 2006, and began offering fleet management solutions with its vehicle rental services. Northgate currently manages 15,000 vehicles directly and supports over 100,000 vehicles on its fleet management portal, employing more than 2,000 staff.

Northgate’s fleet management solutions are aimed at businesses ranging from owner-operators through medium-sized enterprises to large corporations and local authorities. They currently serve 7,700 customers across the UK and Ireland.

In a Nutshell

Northgate calls it’s fleet management software Fleet Dynamics. It is web-hosted system that is unique in that it is non-contract based. Their reporting system includes a live link to DVLA records.

What’s Offered?

Fleet Dynamix: This software gives maximum accuracy with minimum input due to its live links to DVLA and Glass’s records. It provides comprehensive management reports including fuel consumption analysis and other critical reports.

Pricing Structure

Northgate does not publish it’s prices online.


Northgate focuses on the UK market, and since there is no contract with their service, they might appeal to businesses who want to try out fleet tracking systems without long term obligation. Northgate’s primary business is the rental of light commercial vehicles, and Fleet Dynamix is their only vehicle tracking product – so for what it’s worth, they cannot be considered vehicle tracking specialists.


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