Ninja is an Essex-based tracking company that has developed a low-cost GPS tracking system that suits consumers and businesses alike. The diminutive Ninja tracker makes it ideal for keeping all kinds of assets, from vehicles to pets, secure and traceable.

In a Nutshell

Ninja’s main product is the AT Lite, a small tracking system which can be adapted to various tracking purposes. Ninja markets this as something that companies and families will find extremely useful, as it can be used for tracking vehicles, luggage, highly valuable items, pets and vulnerable people. It makes use of GPS technology to send out signals that can be tracked in real time.

What’s Offered?

1. Ninja Tracker AT Lite

The AT Lite is a small, lightweight multi-purpose device which can communicate through GPRS/GSM network. It includes an SOS panic button and can send reports of perimeter breaches, device status, and scheduled GPS positions. Users can install and start using the device straight out of the box. They can opt to track their assets in real time by using a web-based control panel, which can also be accessed through smart phones and tablets. They can also send messages to the device via SMS on the control panel and have the device send alerts to them. The AT Lite comes with a bundle of 1000 positions and 10 SMS, which can be topped up through the control panel.

2. Ninja XDR1

The XDR1 is a range of tracking devices with an extended battery life lasting for up to 6 months before needing to be recharged. This device comes with a waterproof casing and magnetic mounting. It has all the useful features that come with the AT Lite.

3. Ninja XDR2

The XDR2, like the XDR1, is an extended battery life tracker. This product is offered by Ninja as part of commercial bundles which are offered on a fixed-term, up-front payment basis.

All three types of devices can be used and accessed anywhere in the world.

Pricing Structure

Single DevicePrice (excluding VAT)
Ninja AT Lite (with 1000 positions and 10 SMS credits)£135
XDR1 Tracker with 6-8 week battery & Gore-tex Mag case£210
XDR1 Tracker with 4-6 months battery & Peli Mag case£295

Ninja’s business packages come as bundles of fixed data and are offered on a fixed-term basis.

Number of PositionsLength of TermCost per Device (excluding VAT)
250001 year£450
250003 years£730
500001 year£590
500003 years£870


Ninja Tracking Systems provide a low-cost alternative to the normally pricey vehicle tracking systems available on the market today. Its tracking systems are designed to be multi-purpose and can therefore be used for tracking a wide range of assets, and are designed to be used straight out of the box.

The control panel is web-based and can be accessed even from a mobile, and customers can top up their credit using the same panel. Ninja also has a UK-based customer support team available during office hours from Monday to Friday.

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