Matrix Telematics is one of the better known producers of asset monitoring and car tracking systems, with headquarters in Cheshire and Florida. During its early years in the telematics industry, the company focused on developing tracking and recovery products. It has now expanded its services to asset monitoring for various markets as well as business management consultancy.

Matrix works in partnership with O2, Orange, Google, Microsoft, MySQL, and Telogis in developing and delivering its products. Throughout the years, Matrix has built up a reputation for customer centricity, technological innovation and trustworthiness.

In a Nutshell

Matrix offers vehicle tracking products, namely Mtrack, GPS Telematics and Trailer Tracker, which are all powered by various tracking technologies such as Radio Frequency (RF), GSM and GPS. The company specialises in providing services to various industries, such as public services, construction, freight and logistics, education (school buses) and public transport.

What’s Offered?

1. Mtrack

This is a portable wireless tracking and recovery product. It uses GSM, RF and cell-site triangulation technology to track and retrieve stolen vehicles and other assets. This product is guaranteed to track even assets inside buildings, multi-storey car parks, garages and trailers. Being small in size, Mtrack can be moved from asset to asset and is easy to install.

2. GPS Telematics

This is Matrix’s web-based live tracking solution suitable for personal or company vehicles. It uses up-to-date worldwide mapping which includes the satellite and street view options. This product also has full multi-lingual capacity and can generate various types of reports such as timesheets, idling time and over-speeding by drivers and time spent on the site by employees.

3. Trailer Track

The Matrix Trailer Unit is a portable, self-contained track-and-trace device which is ideal for assets with no external power source, such as trailers. The unit has a GSM module, GPS and tri-band antenna, and has a long life of up to 5 years. It generates information on the GPS position of the asset, which can be viewed on a web screen. The T-Track can also be activated if the asset is stolen to help the owner trace and recover it.

Pricing Structure

Matrix encourages interested parties to contact its sales team by phone or e-mail to discuss which products and services will be suitable to their needs and what the pricing structure is for each.


Matrix is a company that aims to help businesses implement effective strategies to improve their performance, and its tracking systems are just one part of its wide range of services and products. It promises to look at the overall requirements of each client to find out the best product or service that will fit its needs. Matrix has a UK-based support team that can be contacted online or by phone.

Disclaimer: All the data quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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