Founded in 2002 by the British entrepreneur Martin Port, Masternaut was one of the first companies to use telematics; (the integration of telecommunications and information technology) to provide a web-browser based vehicle tracking system.

The popularity of Masternaut’s vehicle tracking systems ensured the company’s success and Port sold it to Aéroports de Paris, Europe’s second-largest airport operator in 2009.

In their simplest form, Masternaut vehicle tracking systems combine Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, which uses satellites to accurately track a vehicle’s location, with General Packet Radio System (GPRS) technology which transmits in real-time the location data and, optionally, other data pertaining to the vehicle’s use to Masternaut’s data centre. This information can then be accessed and monitored via a password-protected website.

As a result of their long experience and continuing innovation in the field of telematics and vehicle tracking systems, Masternaut claim to be Europe’s largest and most trusted vehicle tracking system provider and cite many prestigious organisations that operate across all business sectors among its satisfied clients. These include Coca-Cola, British Airways, Harrods, Indesit and DHL as well as a number of national and local government bodies.


Logistically, installing a Masternaut vehicle tracking system is simple and involves fitting Masternaut’s small proprietary GPS tracking device to the vehicle and creating an account to enable web-based tracking. Companies then pay a subscription fee to Masternaut in order to access information generated by the vehicle. Typically, subscriptions for basic vehicle tracking cost between fifty pence and a pound per vehicle per day.


Besides being fully scalable to any size of company fleet, a key feature of Masternaut’s vehicle tracking systems is the amount of additional functionality and benefits that a business can be derive from the addition of system enhancements.

Masternaut has devised a complete end-to-end vehicle tracking suite which includes optional features such as a discreet driver ID system which allows monitors driver information and facilitates the creation of accurate timesheets for each driver.

Engine management provides data on fuel usage, rev counts, speed, distance and journey duration which allows businesses to assess driver behaviour and implement fuel efficiency strategies.

Stolen Vehicles

An important and useful aspect of any vehicle tracking solution is the ability to locate and monitor the whereabouts of a stolen vehicle;. Masternaut vehicle tracking systems optionally allows company drivers to carry a WiFi-enabled tag which interacts with the vehicle tracking system and authenticates them as the authorised driver of a particular vehicle.

If that vehicle is driven by anyone other than the carrier of a valid tag, the business will be alerted to the fact that the vehicle may have been stolen. With the stolen vehicle tracking enhancement deployed, the Police have the ability to immobilise any vehicle they suspect has been stolen.

Legal requirements

Masternaut’s vehicle tracking systems are designed to ensure company compliance with driver health and safety and data protection legislation, and thanks to a free application called ‘Greenerfleet’, Masternaut can help businesses analyse and reduce their carbon footprint.


Masternaut provide a wide range of different products to suit most businesses needs. Their vehicle tracking solutions can include fuel use to promote safer and more economical driving, smartphone and web apps, trailer tracking, asset tracking via RFID, lone worker solutions, temperature tracking and route optimisers.


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