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Vehicle tracking systems can vary widely in price from one product to another depending on features and applications. For businesses who use vehicle tracking systems, it is important to find the right tracker – one that is both reliable and affordable – to ensure you can maximise the benefits afforded by fleet tracking.

This 2018 guide to vehicle tracking costs will help you save money by looking at:

  1. Entry Level Vehicle Tracking Costs
  2. Advanced Level Vehicle Tracking Costs
  3. Expert Level Vehicle Tracking Costs
  4. Buying vs Leasing: Pros & Cons
  5. Benefits of Vehicle Tracking
  6. Types of Vehicle Tracker
  7. Top 4 Cheapest Vehicle Tracking Suppliers
  8. Next Steps: Saving Money on Vehicle Tracking Costs

Vehicle Tracking Costs

Vehicle tracking costs can can vary widely with basic systems costing as little as £10 per calendar month when leased. As you might expect, more advanced and feature-rich trackers can cost a lot more.

The following factors can affect vehicle tracking costs:

  • Fleet size
  • Onboard features and technology
  • Usage (i.e. is it for anti-theft or location tracking purposes?)
  • Whether they are active or passive systems
  • Whether you lease or buy outright
  • Whether you need Telematics or Location-based tracking
  • How will it be installed? Is the device a plug-in or does it need to be wired in?
  • Will the tracker you buy grow with your business and still be suitable in 12 months time?

The table below will give you a quick idea of costs by fleet size:

 Fleet SizeFeatures OverviewCost
Entry Level Vehicle Trackers1 - 20 vehiclesFuel tracking
Route tracing
Basic reports
Lease from £10pcm per vehicle
Buy from £60 off the shelf
Advanced Level Vehicle Trackers21 - 50 vehiclesReal-time tracking
In-depth reporting
Secure online account
In-vehicle diagnostics
Lease from £15pcm per vehicle
Buy from £250 + installation
Expert Level Vehicle Trackers50+ vehiclesSophisticated tracking & reporting
Remote driver management
Real-time traffic updates
Maintenance tracking
Lease from £20pcm per vehicle
Buy from £300 + installation

The usual method of measuring vehicle tracking costs is on a per vehicle per day or per month basis. Therefore, depending upon the level of functionality that is provided by your vehicle tracking system the cost per day, per vehicle realistically ranges between 35p and £2.00 (or £9.99 and £60 per month).

However, as a rule of thumb, the more features a vehicle tracking system has then the more expensive it will be to buy or lease. Bear in mind that many high-end and advanced features can improve road safety, improve efficiency and help to prevent theft – saving you money in the long run.

You can read more about the business benefits vehicle tracking below.

Entry Level Vehicle Tracking Costs

entry level vehicle tracking costs
Most entry level vehicle trackers are easy to install – just plug it in and off you go!

Unsurprisingly, entry level vehicle tracking systems are the cheapest options available to businesses looking to manage their fleets more effectively.

These basic trackers are usually off-the-shelf options that can be self-installed, which means no additional installation costs. However, depending on your fleet size and number of installations to make, this may take a bit of time.

Entry level vehicle trackers tend to be passive trackers and their limited functionality won’t go much further than basic tracking, route tracing and reporting.

You can expect to lease an entry level vehicle tracker for between £10 – £20pcm per vehicle, but you can purchase one for as little as £60 – £80 per device.

As you can see, opting to buy an entry level vehicle tracker outright makes far more financial sense than leasing one does at this level.

Advanced Level Vehicle Tracking Costs

Ideal for mid-sized fleets and and commercial operations, the advanced level vehicle tracking systems on the market offer a wide range of functionalities to both drivers and in-house workers.

This tier of vehicle trackers are more likely to be real-time or active trackers, which pushes up their price point. Bear in mind that while additional features may cost more, the savings they can generate over time can be significant.

Vehicle tracking costs at this level can vary greatly by brand and functionality. Generally you should be able to lease an advanced tracker for upwards of £15pcm per vehicle, while buying one will set you back £250+ per device as well as the additional cost of installation – which can prove costly for bigger fleets.

There are a variety of additional features and uses for trackers in this tier, so it pays to know what you need before splashing the cash. Do you want to solely track your fleet or are you interested in improved vehicle security too? Are you looking to maximise uptime or simply to cut fuel costs?

If you’re unsure about exactly what your business needs, then contact us today by completing the form on top of this page.

Expert Level Vehicle Tracking Costs

expert level vehicle tracker costs
Expert level vehicle trackers use GPS signals to provide real-time route mapping and fleet tracking.

Powerful tracking devices for fleets of any size, expert level vehicle tracking systems sit at the upper-end of the market both in terms of price and functionality.

Uniformly active devices, expert level trackers offer real-time vehicle tracking, sophisticated reporting and a wide range of features designed to help you work smarter, improve efficiency and continually trim your operational costs including fuel expenditure and fleet maintenance.

Although it is possible to purchase an expert level system outright from £300+, it is much more common – and financially sound – to lease one. Hire costs will be around £20 – £30+pcm per vehicle with the added cost of installation to consider too.

This may seem steep, especially for larger fleets, but the installation of these sophisticated devices can be complex and time consuming, whilst leasing also has the added bonus of eliminating maintenance and support costs as they are bundled into your monthly fee.


Buying vs Leasing

One of the major decisions for any business that needs a vehicle tracking system is whether to lease or to buy. Both options offer their own advantages and disadvantages, but it also comes down to your specific needs as a business as well as your budget.

Key things to consider:

  • What are your short-term business aims?
  • What are your long-term business aims?
  • What is your budget?
  • How big is your fleet?

Still unsure whether lease or buy vehicle tracking systems? We can help! Just fill in the form on top of this page and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Buying: Pros & Cons

In the long run it is more than likely that purchasing a vehicle tracking system outright will prove cheaper than leasing one. This is because you will only need to pay the costs required rather than a continuous monthly fee.

Up front, the only costs you’ll need to worry about will be the price per vehicle tracking system multiplied by the number of vehicle you need to equip and the installation costs for these devices. Yes this may prove to be too big of an outlay for smaller businesses, but the added flexibility and lack of binding contract can make this decision attractive to larger businesses with larger cash reserves.
However, if things go wrong or issues arise then the cost of maintenance and support will fall squarely on your company, which not only costs you money to fix but can impact business operations overall resulting in a much greater loss.

You’ll also be financially responsible for upgrading your vehicle tracking systems if you need to do so in the future, whereas those leasing may have the option to upgrade for free written into their contract.

Leasing: Pros & Cons

Leasing a vehicle tracking system is the go-to option for many fleet businesses, yet all too often it proves to be a false economy – especially for larger businesses.

Yes, the low rental cost per month is attractive, but you’ll need to pay that monthly fee for every vehicle in your fleet that has been equipped with a vehicle tracking device. You also need to bear in mind the length of the contract and whether the terms you’re signing now will still be financially appropriate in 6-12 months time?

This is especially important as long-term contracts can be difficult to escape or expensive to buy out if you decide on a different option.

However despite this, leasing definitely offers smaller fleet companies excellent value for money. Not only can you equip every vehicle with a tracking system, but they’ll more than likely be installed as part of the cost. You’ll also benefit from inclusive maintenance and support costs, which can lead to significant savings if issues arise.

This can prove ideal for companies who lack the necessary upfront capital to buy outright as the cost reductions from operational refinement will go some way to paying back the monthly outlay.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

vehicle tracking benefits
Finding the cheapest vehicle tracking system for your company is not the only saving that your business can make when tracking its fleet. As fleet trackers get more advanced so do their cost-saving capabilities.

So what other cost saving benefits can vehicle tracking systems offer your business?

BenefitHow & Why
Cheaper insuranceInstalling a vehicle tracking system not only lets you trace the route a driver takes, but also helps you to track speed and minimise theft among other factors. Insurance companies are likely to offer reduced premiums for vehicles who are being tracked.
Spend less on fuelThis is the big money saving opportunity for fleets with vehicle tracking systems installed. By optimising the routes your drivers take, you’ll improve efficiency and reduce wasted miles, which leads to reduced fuel usage and spend. You can also refine driver behaviour management and minimise factors like idling – further cutting fuel costs.
Cut labour costsUsing a vehicle tracking system to optimise drivers’ routes can lead to productivity improvements across your fleet. Driving smarter can also help you to monitor and reduce labour hours, keeping customers happy and your wage bill down.
Maximise uptimeMany expert level vehicle tracking systems will be able to keep a track of your fleet’s maintenance needs. This can help you to maintain uptime by proactively deal with issues before they become a bigger, more expensive problem further down the line.
Indirect Savings
Better dispute resolutions: journeys are tracked and routes can be traced to ensure deadlines are met.
Improve driver safety: real-time tracking can help drivers take the safest route and avoid on-road incidents.
Better customer service: with deliveries being made on time and potential delays transparently communicated, your customers will be more satisfied and your reputation will improve.
Smarter business integration: Combine your vehicle tracking systems with your payroll and parts ordering systems to track and optimise your outgoings

Types of Vehicle Tracker

There are two main types of vehicle tracking system: Active and Passive. You should carefully consider the needs of your fleet and your business when weighing up whether to opt for one or the other. Read on to find out how active and passive systems are suited for different jobs.

Passive Trackers

Passive vehicle tracking systems do not provide real-time data. Instead, they store route, speed and event data that can be analysed once a trip has been completed.

Generally, passive trackers aren’t as effective as active trackers due to the lack of features and real-time data. However, they are the cheaper option and an ideal choice for individuals or small fleets.

Active Trackers

Active trackers are a lot more widely used in the vehicle tracking industry due to the fact they can relay real-time information to drivers and those monitoring drivers. Aside from route, speed and event tracking, active trackers offer a wealth of functionality to fleets of any size, including telematics, fuel and maintenance tracking, driver behaviour monitoring and sophisticated live reports.

Data is communicated by satellite networks and occasionally by cellular networks, which ensures that fleet data is always available to those that need it most. Active trackers are suited to larger, more commercial fleets.

Vehicle Tracking Supplier Comparisons

To help you get started here are our top 4 recommended vehicle tracking companies. Each can offer different benefits to your business, which we’ll look at below.

Note: As monthly fees can value, the best way to compare vehicle tracking prices is to get your free quotes by completing the form on top of this article. Reach of the companies below is an official partner of ours, so we can help you secure even better deals.

Vehicle Tracking CompanyOur RatingKey BenefitsPrices
Fleetmatics Logo Top of the line active
vehicle tracking &
sophisticated smartphone
functionality inbuilt.
compare vehicle tracking prices
Movolytics Logo Aimed at smaller fleets
looking to curb their
carbon footprint
with in-built prompts that
encourage driving green.
compare vehicle tracking prices
Teletrac Navman Logo Easy to interpret reporting
and inbuilt remote
communication features
ideal for larger fleets.
compare vehicle tracking prices
Transpoco Logo Active vehicle tracking
offering fuel card
integration for even
greater cost savings.
compare vehicle tracking prices


Fleetmatics Logo

Fleetmatics vehicle tracking software is known as REVEAL and it’s been designed to be as easy to use and interpret as possible. From user-friendly dashboards to innovative uses of real-time and custom reporting, REVEAL will help your fleet work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

As the most popular vehicle tracking solution in the UK, REVEAL offers businesses a wealth of information that can be used to refine and optimise your fleet’s performance, encouraging improvements to productivity and efficiency while minimising your outgoings.

With Fleetmatics’ REVEAL, you can:

  • Assign drivers to vehicles and track every millimeter of every journey
  • Use sophisticated reports to identify improvement opportunities
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a more efficient performance
  • Keep track on drivers on the go with the REVEAL mobile app


Movolytics Logo

Movolytics vehicle trackers are firmly aimed at SMEs and smaller fleets up to 500 vehicles. They use Software as a Service (SaaS) telematics technology to offer your business in-depth reporting that can improve transparency and fleet efficiency.

If you opt for a Movolytics vehicle tracking device for your fleet then you can look forward to a swift, simple installation as well potential fuel usage reductions of up to 30%. These savings can be achieved by optimising your drivers performances after interrogating data straight from their vehicle’s engines.

A Movolytics vehicle tracking solution will enable you to:

  • Track fuel usage and 150 other vehicle metrics in real-time
  • Assign maintenance alarms and alerts to encourage proactive servicing
  • Trace routes to avoid traffic and accidents, improving efficiency
  • Enable eco-friendly prompts to encourage your team to drive green

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman Logo

Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR vehicle tracking software allows you to manage your fleet from a single, intuitive platform – giving you absolute control over fleet optimisation and performance. Real-time updates enable you to fine tune drivers’ behaviour from more efficient route mapping to encouraging safer driving.

With DIRECTOR installed, your fleet managers can use in-depth reports to identify areas that could improve, they can keep on top of reactive and proactive maintenance and generally get the best out of your mobile workforce while keeping your costs down to a minimum. As Teletrac Navman rightly proclaim on their website: “when you know more, you can do more.”

Teletrac Navman’s vehicle tracking devices allow you to:

  • Remotely fine-tune operational performance from the beginning to the end of each journey
  • Identify and deal with vehicle issues as soon as they arise
  • Gain a greater insight into the workings of your fleet
  • Set up live alerts to know when vehicles leave or enter specified areas (great for delivery fleets)


Transpoco Logo

Transpoco’s SYNX vehicle tracking software is a one of the leading fleet management tools used in the UK and Ireland. It integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and provides real-time insights into the performance of every single one of your vehicles and drivers. SYNX can be used for a wide range of applications including digital walkaround checks, behaviour optimisation and in-depth fuel and route tracking.

With SYNX, Transpoco have developed an intuitive and easy to use vehicle tracking system that is designed to maximise both your uptime and your free time. By tracking your fleet’s data and distilling it for your fleet managers, SYNX can help you to identify areas for improvement. This will enable you to work more effectively, freeing up time that can be invested in building your business and profits.

Transpoco’s SYNX vehicle tracking system can enable cost-effective fleet management by:

  • Helping to protect and reroute assets in dangerous or adverse conditions
  • Proactively alerting you to maintenance needs throughout your fleet
  • Enabling you to work paperlessly as digital reports minimise time wasted manually completing checks and forms
  • Setting up drive challenges, encouraging friendly staff competitions to see who can drive the most efficiently, consume the least fuel and drive safest, etc

Next Steps: Saving Money on Vehicle Tracking Costs

We want to help you save money on vehicle tracking costs and secure the best deal for your business.

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