Garmin is a multinational corporation that produces navigational equipment. Founded in Kansas in 1989, one of the company’s early major accomplishments was the introduction of the first GPS with a moving map. Currently Garmin has 35 offices and more than 9,200 associates worldwide and is headquartered in Switzerland.

They sell a huge assortment of navigation products across various markets, including aviation, marine, fitness, outdoor and automotive. To date, Garmin has sold more than 126 million devices.

Garmin Fleet Management Products

Garmin provides a vast assortment of navigation and fleet management products to businesses and government, which cover a broad of requirements. Some of their sat nav units have fleet management interfaces and additional features to help companies better manage their vehicles.

They have partnered with a number of third parties to deliver fleet monitoring solutions, including Fleetmatics, Tracker and Telematics. They work alongside these partners, using their premium navigation products, to provide bespoke solutions for companies. Features include the likes of management reporting, fleet tracking, time-sheet management, driver safety, fuel efficiency, job scheduling, traffic avoidance, truck routing and of course navigation.

What’s Offered?

1. Garmin Fleet 660/670

Garmin Fleet 660/670 is a combination of Garmin’s premium Sat Navs and the flexible Android platform. These systems are both customisable and scalable, and users can extend their usage beyond the vehicle, from proof of delivery to sign on-screen. These Sat Navs essentially double up as fleet management terminals. Wireless connectivity ensures you are connected to your monitoring centre for full fleet management.

2. Garmin Fleet 590

Garmin Fleet 590 is an all-in-one fleet solution, which combines Sat Nav with the function of the ‘black box’ data transponder. The latter ensures that everything is linked back to your monitoring centre. The Garmin Fleet 590 boasts an array of capabilities, such as sophisticated driver behaviour monitoring and advance engine status detection. Users also benefit from time clock management, excessive speeding alerts, alert notifications, two-way text messaging, dispatching, as well as event and location tracking.

Pricing Structure

Garmin’s Sat Navs that are suitable for fleet use range from £129.99 to £379.99. Nonetheless, customers are advised to contact Garmin in regards to fleet management systems, including the three solutions that have been mentioned – Garmin Fleet 660, Garmin Fleet 670 and Garmin Fleet 590.

As Garmin works alongside their accredited partners to provide tailored solutions, it’s beneficial to obtain a quote based on your unique requirements, and they will inform you of suitable options and prices. Fill out the quote form at the top of the page to compare tailored quotes from suppliers.

Garmin Fleet Tracking Review

Garmin is well known when it comes to navigation products, and they have combined some premium Sat Navs with extensive fleet management features and flexible connectivity. The company has a strong focus on build quality of their products, and they also make claim to having offering the best value.

Garmin’s fleet management solution will probably appeal to those who want an all-in-one package, since a tried and tested Sat Nav is part of the deal, but it’s worth comparing similarly featured products from other companies to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.


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