Fleetmatics is a US software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that was founded in 2004 and is now a leading global provider of GPS tracking systems for SMEs. They serve an excess of 22,000 customegrs and have more than 445,000 actively subscribed vehicles all over the world. They currently have offices in the UK, Ireland, Australia and the US, and they have headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

In a Nutshell

Fleetmatics provide GPS-based fleet tracking software via their chief product Fleetmatics REVEAL. They are the only company in the industry that provides Panoramic Reporting, allowing executives to see their performance over time. One of their customers, Corecut, recently increased productivity ten-fold with Fleetmatics.

What’s Offered?

Fleetmatics REVEAL

Fleetmatics REVEAL is a GPS tracking software that can be accessed via desktop, tablet or smartphone. This software system gives businesses a real-time location of their vehicles, as well as preventative maintenance information to identify potential risks and the historical status of each vehicle. This includes everything from speed and idling status, to start up and shut down.

The dashboard allows users to create benchmarks on key metrics. They can then track their performance and compare performance between groups. Businesses will be able to easily identify their biggest opportunities to improve.

Other features of Fleetmatics REVEAL include driver tracking and driver ID, fuel card reporting, route replay, proactive fleet alerts and integration with Garmin devices. Companies that currently use Garmin devices for navigation can sync them with the Fleetmatics software to further enhance efficiency benefits.

Driver ID and driver tracking ensures you can keep a track on which driver is in a vehicle, whilst fuel card reporting gives you full control over fuel spending. You can consequently pinpoint fleet fuel card abuse and verify fuel card reporting data, which in turn ensures you control fuel wasting and reduce fuel usage and consequently costs.

Route replay is Fleetmatics REVEAL’s route tracking feature, which allows you determine who is working productively by identifying engine idling events, long stops and seeing who starts late or finishes early. Finally, another key feature is the proactive fleet alerts, which give real-time notifications of unwanted vehicle behaviour, allowing you to improve safety and take instant action. Alerts include idling alerts, speeding alerts, vehicle activity alerts and geofence alerts.

Pricing Structure

You’ll have to head to the Fleetmatics website for a quotation. There is a short form to fill in requiring details such as country and number of vehicles. Alternatively, just fill in the quote form at the top of this page to compare quotes from Fleetmatics and their competitors.

Fleetmatics Review

Fleetmatics is a global leader in GPS fleet management systems as software-as-a-service. Fleetmatics REVEAL is feature rich, with an extremely customisable reporting interface allowing fleet managers to assess their fleets’ performance over time and schedule maintenance tasks.

They have a great customer service system in place, which is available from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm in the UK and Ireland.


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