Enigma Vehicle Systems Ltd. is a UK-based vehicle tracking, security and fleet management company. Established in 1992, the company has had extensive experience in vehicle and plant security, vehicle tracking for fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery. Enigma products meet all relevant international standards and are Thatcham-certified.

Enigma has an expanding partner network across Africa and the Middle East. The company now has 45 staff in its UK and UAE offices and a network of 22 partners.

In a Nutshell

Enigma’s products are designed for real-time tracking, security tracking, and physical security. Its Skyline range of products uses GPS technology and GSM/GPRS wireless communications along with a web-based interface that allows customers keep track of and manage their fleet. Enigma offers tracking systems for both on-road and off-road vehicles and equipment. It offers its services to industries that include construction, plant and agricultural machinery, waste management and road services and management.

What’s Offered?

1. Skyline

The Skyline system uses one of two devices—the SK117+ and SK127+. Once installed in a vehicle, the device works with the Skyline software to enable real-time tracking. The device can store up to 25,000 journey logs and set up 25 geofences. The system also provides speeding alerts and harsh acceleration warnings and is equipped with a theft/tow-away alarm. Users can use GoogleMaps, including its Street View option, for the tracking interface.

2. Skyline Plus

Skyline Plus is very similar to Skyline, apart from some additional features. Users can connect to the tracking interface using any computer or mobile phone. They can also set up maintenance reminders, monitor CO2 emissions, analyse driver behaviour and even remotely immobilise or control the vehicle.

3. Skyline CAT 5

This product was developed to provide a high level of security for vehicles. Its main feature is that it automatically arms the vehicle once the ignition is switched off. It can be disarmed only by an authorised key, and if the vehicle moves without being disarmed, an alert message is automatically sent to the host software and a 24/7 asset monitoring centre which then notifies the owner. Users can request vehicle position and status updates, as well as receive faulty system alerts.

4. Skyline CAT 5 Plus

This security system has all the features of Skyline CAT 5, plus a highly secure, three-circuit remote control immobiliser.

Pricing Structure

ProductHardware PriceAnnual Fee
Skyline Plus£375£180
Skyline CAT 5£399£174
Skyline CAT 5 Plus£599£174

All prices exclude VAT. Fleet discounts are available.


Enigma Telematics has been in the vehicle tracking industry for over 20 years. Its systems are known internationally and proven to reduce fuel costs by 10-30%. Its Thatcham-certified products are recognised by insurance companies, thus bringing down insurance costs for vehicle owners. The company offers quick deployment of its systems and continuous support to customers, with a UK-based team that can be contacted by phone or e-mail.

Disclaimer: All prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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