In 2009 FreightWatch International estimated that around $487 million in goods was stolen in the United States, but one customer with Enfora technology utilised in a “Track What Matters” system managed to locate their missing trailer to its exact dock bay even though the license plates had been changed. The trailer and its contents were recovered by authorities the very same day it was stolen.

Another US company using Enfora-inspired “Track What Matters” devices began monitoring the location of its trucks and came to realise that its 3-man crew on $47 an hour each was racking up 60 hours of on-the-clock non-productive hours costing the firm $8,460 per week. Thanks to the technology, the employer was able to adjust his working schedule to make the necessary savings.

Meanwhile, a limousine company used the special report-generating function of an Enfora device to snare a rogue employee who was pocketing revenue that was rightfully the employer’s. The Enfora-designed programme managed to log the location of the particular limousine and the opening and closing of the passenger doors, thereby determining how much in fares that driver should have been declaring but instead was keeping for himself.

About Enfora

Enfora is described as a leading provider of intelligent wireless asset management solutions, enabling enterprises to access, analyze, and leverage information from their geographically dispersed assets using location-based monitoring and control and asset management applications.

Enfora’s solutions, consisting of embedded wireless software, network edge wireless platforms, and enterprise software, are based on its distributed intelligent architecture that provides a link between an enterprise and its remote assets. Enfora primarily serves the transportation, security, energy and medical market sectors.

Enfora vehicle tracking systems have been in the marketplace since 1999 until the company was acquired by the award-winning San Diego-based Novatel Wireless in 2010.

A Guide To Enfora Products & Technology

The main vehicle tracking devices comprise:

Spider MT 3000 – certified “plug-and-play” dual-band integrated device purpose-built for fleet management including passenger cars, light trucks and service vans.

Spider MT 2500 – described as “economical and feature-rich,” the MT 2500 is aimed at vehicle recovery concerns and fleets that require driver behaviour monitoring.

Spider MT-Gu – features quad-band top-of-the-range technology to give fleet operators total control of their vehicles with Garmin support and voice capability.

Spider AT – tracking is transformed into monitoring with this long-life battery-operated technology, allowing you to measure trailer inventory en route.

Mini MT – is a small hand-held voice-enabled tracking device designed for small fleet operators to monitor their vehicles as well as their workforce.

N4A Services Architecture – this is the foundation upon which Enfora tracking devices are developed and built. This wireless technology offers real time monitoring and remote vigilance from almost anywhere in the world.


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