Founded in 2005, Crystal Ball is a Manchester-based company that offers a web-based solution that provides GPS vehicle, personnel and asset tracking on a single reporting platform. Its tracking solutions come in three ranges — the M range for mobile phone tracking, the V range for vehicle tracking and the A range for asset tracking.

The vehicle and mobile phone tracking solutions use GPS satellite communication to track locations and movements and GPRS and mobile phone networks to transfer the location data back to the Crystal Ball tracking software.

In a Nutshell

Crystal Ball specialises in GPS tracking, mobile phone tracking, lone worker protection, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, fleet management, mobile monitoring and mobile workforce management solutions.  It offers a range of payment options, which include purchase and leasing or rental, to suit all types of businesses.

What’s Offered?


FleetTracker is a vehicle tracking solution that comes with a reporting suite and fleet performance dashboard. The system is made up of a GPS tracking unit that’s installed in the vehicle. The unit contains a SIM card which uses a mobile phone network to send data to tracking data servers. Because it is web-based, FleetTracker makes real-time location and engine status updates possible, but customers can also opt to download the data as a report. You can choose to use either Google Maps or Navteq for your map interface as well as set up alerts and alarms for when the vehicle goes over the speed limit or when it passes into specified areas.

Pricing Structure

Payment MethodPrice of HardwareMonthly Charge

Customers with more than one vehicle can avail of discounted rates.


Because it offers a single web-based reporting platform for its tracking solutions, Crystal Ball makes it possible for its customers to integrate its other services such as lone worker protection and field service management into their vehicle tracking solution. Many of the company’s current customers have attested to how this system has helped them increase productivity=y while cutting down on costs. The company can offer a flexible solution package to each client to suit their specific requirement, and all prospective clients are invited to request a demo in order to see which solution will be right for them. Installation, phone and e-mail support are all included in the price of the FleetTracker package.

Disclaimer: All prices quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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