Cobra Vehicle Tracking

Cobra now operates as a subsidiary Vodafone Group PLC, since being purchased in August 2014 to help expand the group’s M2M (machine to machine) services.

The company operates through two business units; the first being Cobra Electronic Systems and the second is Cobra Telematics Services – the later being of interest to us for the purposes of this review. This part of their business is centred on supplying and developing telematics infrastructure and services.

They’re mostly known for providing stolen vehicle tracking and black box telematics (insurance telematics) to high-end car manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and more, but they also offer an effective <a href=””>fleet tracking solution for businesses</a>. Their fleet management system is designed for use with all types of vehicles.

What’s Offered?

Cobra Fleet Management

Cobra Fleet Management offers a wide-range of features – most of them are common amongst fleet tracking providers. One of the more unique features of Cobra’s solution is the crash reconstruction element, whereby the raw data from the incident is recorded and reported.

This increases transparency, which can be extremely beneficial in regards to insurance policies, as you will be able to negotiate lower premiums. If a crash were to occur, you would also benefit from the eFNOL feature, also known as electronic First Notification of Loss. This means you will receive a text or email alert giving you details regarding the location and time of the incident as soon as it happens.

Aside from this, other features include real time tracking, extensive mapping and reporting and more. The real time tracking aspect allows you to determine where your fleet is and you will be able to decipher who is the closest driver to a job in order to improve your level of customer service. You will also be able to provide your customers with estimated arrival times by getting accurate information regarding vehicle speed, direction, status and location.

Finally, you can assess the efficiency of your fleet thanks to the comprehensive reporting and mapping features. You will be able to create as many reports as you like based on a whole host of factors that influence the performance of your fleet.

Pricing Structure

Not only do Cobra not publish their prices on their website, they don’t publish any sales information at all. Their system needs to be purchased from a reseller.

Cobra Vehicle Tracking Review

Cobra has huge international presence, and has vast experience of the stolen vehicle tracking and black box insurance market, but is a relative newcomer to fleet management. While they have an impressive list of clients for their other telematic services, the lack of information on their website does little to allay any fears that their fleet management product may not be as mature and well-tested as some of their competitors.

If you are considering a fleet management solution for your business, it is best to compare quotes from a number of providers. Complete the form below to receive free fleet management quotes from top suppliers.


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