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CMS SupaTrak was founded in 1993 and are currently based in Swindon. All of the components for their solutions are designed in-house and the company boasts the Royal Mail, Birmingham City Council, Enterprise plc. and Network Rail amongst their customers.

CMS SupaTrak provide two packages for businesses to choose from when selecting a GPS vehicle tracking system, SupaTrak and SupaTrak Lite, with the latter being their basic package. They can be integrated with other applications, such as EcoTrak and JobTrak – both popular products offered by the company.

What’s Offered?


This is CMS SupaTrak’s most comprehensive vehicle tracking offering. The positions of the vehicles in your fleet are updated every 60 seconds as standard, and driving are also monitored. This includes odometer readings, fuel use (including real-time fuel efficiency in MPG) and real-time ring-fencing/geofencing alerts.

The system also produces detailed reports, including the ability to automate time consuming administrative tasks such as completing mileage forms and timesheets. SupaTrak is customisable and scalable and thus can be adapted to suit your company

It’s available to >a href=””>lease or purchase tracking systems outright and there is support available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

SupaTrak Lite

SupaTrak Lite is the basic package, designed for businesses with lower budgets. The positional of your fleet is updated once every two minutes, but apart from vehicle location and speed, much of the functionality of SupaTrak is missing. The package is entirely web-based, and there is online support. Like SupaTrak, this option is available to either lease or purchase outright.

Pricing Structure

There are two different payment options at your disposal when opting for both SupaTrak and SupaTrak Lite. You can select the Pay As You Go option, which is a monthly fee payment plan with a contract length of 36 months. Or, you can make an Outright Purchase, where you pay a one-off payment up front. If you go for this option you will also benefit from set-up being included in your package.

CMS SupaTrak don’t publish prices on their site, so we contacted them for a quote for the bases SupaTrak Lite package. They quoted us the prices below.

OptionMonthly FeeAnnual costUpfront Charge
SupaTrak Lite Pay As You Go£16.31£195.72-
SupaTrak Lite Outright Payment--£499

It’s worth noting that over the length of the 36 month contract, the pay as you go option would add up to £587.16 – which is almost £90 more expensive than buying it outright.

On the SupaTrak website they suggest that packages start from 49p per vehicle per day, which equates to £14.90 per month. This claim however, is lower than the price we were quoted.

CMS SupaTrak Review

CMS SupaTrak are an established British company with over 20 years’ experience, and have worked with large established companies and government departments. Their “real-time” updates are slower than other options on the market, whilst they also position themselves amongst the more expensive solutions.

If you are thinking about a vehicle tracking system for your fleet, the best advice is to get a number of quotes from different suppliers and compare their features and fees. Fill in the simple form at the top of the page to receive free quotes tailored to your fleet size and requirements.


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