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Tracking Features

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Fleet Tracking with Driver Communication

Most fleet drivers today will have a mobile phone together with a hands-free kit so that they can can take incoming calls even while they are driving. With this being the case, what are the advantages to integrating two-way driver communication with your tracking telemetrics?

Vehicle Tracking With Digital Tachograph

Using tachographs to log driving hours has been a requirement in the EU since the 1980s, and in 2006 the printed analogue paper charts were replaced by digital recording systems. Some vehicle tracking systems have the capacity to interface with the tachograph and transmit it’s data in real time to the fleet manager.

Fleet Tracking Features

There are a mind boggling list of features and options across the range of fleet tracking systems available today. We attempt to categorise and make sense of them, whilst explaining what they do and how they might be useful.

Fleet Mileage Tracking Systems

Fleet managers have a responsibility to accurately measure business versus personal mileage of their grey fleet; and the punishment from HMRC for getting it wrong can be severe. Some vehicle tracking systems can make collecting and recording accurate data easy.

Vehicle Speed Tracking Systems

Speeding is a major cause of road accidents, and the increase in the number of speed cameras means that more and more drivers are penalised for speeding with some loosing their licence. Find out how tracking systems with GPS based speed measurements can help your fleet stay on the right side of the law