Box Telematics was established in 2000 as part of The Mobilefone Group. The company has since gone on to become a global leader in vehicle telematics. They design and manufacture vehicle tracking devices, both under their own brand, for the insurance industry, and as an OEM supplier and include JCB as one of their customers. They are based in the West Midlands, and ship their products 15 countries around the world.

What’s Offered?


This is a real-time fleet management system that provides instant details on what your drivers are doing. This allows you to easily allocate the nearest driver to a specific job and access up-to-date vehicle data at all times.

It’s a fairly simple GPS-based solution, collecting positional data that can be used to record speed and mileage. It can measure driving performance in terms of harsh acceleration or braking and speeding; but also features impact notification and tow-away notifications. There are also two optional-extra features of a panic button and engine immobiliser, which can be remotely set and unset.

The system can identify who is driving a vehicle and can distinguish between private and business journeys – when set to private mode, the geographical location and route information are not recorded, but the mileage and duration of each journey is still recorded.

BOX-tracker ECO

BOX-tracker ECO shares the same much of the functionality as BOX-tracker INSIGHT, but in addition it can connect to the vehicle’s onboard computer system via the CANbus to collect further vehicle telemetry data. The actual data available will be dependent upon the vehicle.

In addition to positional data, this system can measure fuel level on demand, trip fuel usage, torque, RPM, throttle position, and idling. This data can be used to monitor an individual driver’s driving style, and lead to much improved fuel economy and reduced engine wear.

It is possible to set the unit to alert the driver when certain pre-configurable conditions are not met – such as RPM, speed, and braking frequency (which can be an indicator of tailgating).

There is also a business journey/private journey mode, that works in the same way as for BOX-tracker INSIGHTS, although in this case it appears as an optional extra. This system also has the option to include an engined immobiliser and panic button.


SPOTON is a web-based program which allows you to access and report upon data collected by BOX-tracker INSIGHT or BOX-tracker ECO units. It is integrated with Google maps, and can also make use of Google’s satellite imagery and streetview.

Pricing Structure

BOX telematics units are available from a number of dealers nationwide, and are not available to purchase directly from BOX telematics.

BOX Telematics Review

Box Telematics is one of the leading vehicle telematics companies on a global scale. They design and manufacture tracking systems in-house from their base in Birmingham and deliver them all over the world.

They help companies to improve their efficiency and lower operational costs via a variation of ways, whilst also increasing safety levels and reducing carbon footprint. They have a great customer support team who are happy to answer any questions via telephone or email.


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