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Fleet Tracking with Driver Communication

Most fleet drivers today will have a mobile phone together with a hands-free kit so that they can can take incoming calls even while they are driving. With this being the case, what are the advantages to integrating two-way driver communication with your tracking telemetrics?

Fleet Tracking Systems with Geofencing

A common feature of vehicle tracking solutions, border control or geofencing allows areas of operation to be defined and reported upon, such that when a vehicle strays outside a geofence boundary, an alert is triggered

Vehicle Tracking With Digital Tachograph

Using tachographs to log driving hours has been a requirement in the EU since the 1980s, and in 2006 the printed analogue paper charts were replaced by digital recording systems. Some vehicle tracking systems have the capacity to interface with the tachograph and transmit it’s data in real time to the fleet manager.

Fleet Tracking Features

There are a mind boggling list of features and options across the range of fleet tracking systems available today. We attempt to categorise and make sense of them, whilst explaining what they do and how they might be useful.

Fleet Tracking System Guide

Buying the right vehicle tracking system for your business can be a daunting process, since there are so many options to choose from. We’ve compiled a useful guide to comparing systems, with a handy check-list of what to look out for before you get quotes.

Fleet Mileage Tracking Systems

Fleet managers have a responsibility to accurately measure business versus personal mileage of their grey fleet; and the punishment from HMRC for getting it wrong can be severe. Some vehicle tracking systems can make collecting and recording accurate data easy.

Vehicle Speed Tracking Systems

Speeding is a major cause of road accidents, and the increase in the number of speed cameras means that more and more drivers are penalised for speeding with some loosing their licence. Find out how tracking systems with GPS based speed measurements can help your fleet stay on the right side of the law

SmarTrack Fleet Tracking Solutions

SmarTrack began life as a stolen vehicle tracking and recovery service, and have since added fleet tracking to their portfolio. We review their two fleet tracking solutions to see how they measure up.

CMS SupaTrak – What do they offer?

CMS SupaTrak offer a two vehicle tracking solutions – one basic and one feature-rich. Both options are available as an outright purchase or as a pay-as-you contract, but do they offer value for money compared to their competitors? Read our review to find out.

BOX Telematics Fleet Management

BOX Telematics are a British manufacturer of vehicle tracking devices for fleets, and for the insurance market. Their SPOTON web interface allows a real-time view of the location of your fleet.

Transpoco Vehicle Tracking Systems

Transpoco is a leading tracking company established in Ireland in 2004. To provide high quality fleet management solutions, it has partnered with O2, Vodafone, and Google. The company has offices in France and the UK and counts Bic and Ladbrokes among its clients.

Teletrac Vehicle Tracking | UK Fleet Fees

Teletrac has more than 25 years of experience in the GPS tracking and fleet automation industry. With its main headquarters in Southern California, the company has over 500 global employees who help in tracking over 20,000 customer fleets and more than 200,000 vehicles in 75 countries.

RAM Tracking | What They Offer

RAM has award-winning UK-based customer service, gives free training and its cloud-based tracking system is covered by extensive warranty. There are no upfront fees or hidden charges

Matrix Telematics Car Tracking Systems | Company Profile

Matrix Telematics is one of the better known producers of asset monitoring and car tracking systems, with headquarters in Cheshire and Florida. During its early years in the telematics industry, the company focused on developing tracking and recovery products. It has now expanded its services to asset monitoring for various markets as well as business management consultancy.