Founded and based in Ipswich, Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS) aims to help businesses reduce their fuel consumption and increase their efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction via their vehicle tracking fleet management services.

The company has several different vehicle tracking products which aim to cater for the needs of a variety of businesses. AMS has established itself as one of the most trusted, dynamic and extensive vehicle tracking solutions providers in the UK.

AMS Vehicle Tracking in a Nutshell

AMS offers a wide range of devices and plans to suit all budgets and customer needs. Its solutions are cost-effective and the company claims their customers will recover their initial investment within 12 months. It uses GPRS technology to provide real-time tracking to its customers and give them reliable and detailed data on the location and fuel consumption of their vehicles or other business equipment. It counts among its clients the British Red Cross, Mick George and Help for Heroes.

What does AMS offer?

1. AMS Fleet Manager Lite

This fully functional tracking solution is based on the company’s proven infrastructure to provide reliable, dynamic and accurate fleet management, without the bolt-ons. It is suitable for businesses who would like to avail of vehicle tracking services at a low cost. It features live GPRS-based vehicle tracking, Microsoft MapPoint or Google Earth for global mapping, geo-fencing, warning alerts and a comprehensive reports suite. It is also entirely web-based with an extremely user-friendly interface.

2. AMS Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager is specifically designed to suit large fleet management requirements. It is easily scalable to meet evolving requirements and can be integrated with any existing applications to maximise your return on investment. Using live GPRS tracking technology, this system can provide complete information on details such as fuel consumption, temperature and load capacity. This solution is web-based, eliminating the need to download reports or mapping software.

3. AMS Trailer Track

Trailer Track is a scalable solution designed for box trailers, curtain side trailers and refrigerated trailers. It can provide diagnostics on monitor door openings, weight and temperature monitors, and other power take-offs. Like other AMS systems, it relies on GPRS technology to provide real-time tracking and is a web-based, fully managed solution.

4. AMS Site Manager

This is the market leading telemetry system which is designed for the construction and portable buildings industry. It includes the same features as the other AMS vehicle tracking solutions plus asset maintenance facility monitors and alerts.

AMS prices start at 29 pence a day, but prospective customers are asked to phone AMS directly to get a quick quote on whichever solutions they are interested in, as each one is scalable to fit each customer’s specific needs.


AMS is known for producing high-quality vehicle tracking systems that help businesses reduce fuel and travel costs, increase customer satisfaction and provide effective security for vehicles and employees.  It uses GPRS technology to provide real-time tracking and uses a fully managed web-based solution with a user-friendly interface. Systems take 48 hours at most to be installed and can be moved from one vehicle to another.

AMS has a UK-based customer support team and has a network of engineers nationwide who can do installations and repairs.

Disclaimer: All data quoted in this article are true at the time of publication.


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