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There are a huge variety of vehicle tracking systems on the market in the UK, with price plans and feature options to suit all kinds of businesses. Choosing the right one for you can be daunting, so we’ve created a centralised and impartial resource to help you decide.

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TomTom vehicle tracking and fleet management systems

Tomtom logo

TomTom’s vehicle and fleet tracking services offer real-time tracking of your vehicles via a web app. Data on movements, speed, mileage, time behind the wheel, and fuel consumption is stored for 90 days – allowing you to analyse driving styles and discover where you might be able to save money. Read More…

How Much Do Vehicle Tracking Systems Cost?

UK Vehicle Tracking

A number of factors dictate how much vehicle tracking systems cost, including the type of vehicle tracking required, the number of vehicles you wish to track, the range of vehicle tracking features you require, which vehicle tracking system manufacturer you choose and the method by which you wish to pay for your vehicle tracking system. By looking at some of these factors it should be possible to gain an indicative answer to the question ‘how much do vehicle tracking systems cost’? Read More…

Comparing Fleet Tracking Systems & Solutions

Fleet of buses

Fleet vehicle tracking systems are the perfect solution for any company which uses a fleet of vehicles for delivery or collection of goods. Fleet vehicle tracking systems are available in many forms but the most popular offer a combination of live location tracking, storage of information regarding mileage and locations and communication options so that drivers may stay in touch with their bases. For companies who rely on long haul drivers, fleet vehicle tracking systems offer the chance to improve customer relations through better management of their fleet. Read More…

Real Time Vehicle Tracking Devices & Systems

Masternaut GPS Vehicle Tracking

Real time vehicle tracking devices are the genius system that has revolutionised the performance of many companies. For delivery companies real time vehicle tracking devices are as great an innovation as anyone could imagine. Real time vehicle tracking devices offer the opportunity to track the location of vehicles as they travel at any time. Read More…

Vehicle Telematics Systems Comparison Guide

GPS Tracking

‘Telematics’ is the term used to describe a system which combines long-range telecommunications and information technology. Real time vehicle tracking solutions use a system known as ‘vehicle telematics’. Read More…

Comparing Business GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems


By carefully comparing business GPS vehicle tracking systems, you can ensure that you choose the GPS vehicle tracking system that offers the greatest benefits according to your business requirements. At the simplest level a GPS vehicle tracking system can benefit a business by providing data that will help to identify faster and more efficient vehicle routes, identify areas in which fuel-cost savings can be achieved and facilitate the tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles. And, of course, a business GPS vehicle tracking allows you to accurately monitor the location, direction of travel and speed of your company vehicles in real time whenever you need to. Read More…

Choosing the Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System for your Fleet

Fleet of Cars

Global Positioning System (GPS) vehicle tracking devices use satellite technology to monitor the location of a business vehicle in real time and feed that information back to the vehicle-owning company. For business fleet managers the utilisation of a GPS vehicle tracking system can provide invaluable information regarding driving habits, journey durations, vehicle speeds and a variety of other data which can help to improve business efficiency and reduce costs. Read More…